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There is not a single city or town in India that does not boast its own history, cultural traditions and built heritage, including monuments and areas that express its evolution, growth and development to its present urban form over several centuries. Some of the oldest cities are in ruins today and we can only learn from them through the study of archaeological remains, such as is the great Harappan and Indus Valley settlements. But many of our living cities have layers of history that are proof of their ancient origin and reflected in their geospatial location, layout, streets, sacred places, buildings and living cultural traditions, including the diversity of people living in these cities. It is for these people, and with their active participation, that we wish to uphold the unique qualities of historic Indian cities and help retain their significant values for maintaining cultural identities.

Almost all living cities in India are heritage cities! It is the relationship between the historic environment of cities - small or big, dating from prehistoric times, the medieval period or from the 20th century - and their contemporary environment that we are trying to focus on to ensure meaningful heritage-based urban development. Joining the IHCN is not dependent on the number or age of the monuments in your city. It is essentially dependent upon the declared will of a city and its citizens to recognize the value of its past and present the achievements that are expressed in its heritage resources.

Institutions and NGOs play a key role in bringing these diverse aspects of cultural heritage to the forefront of any development process and are effective means for public awareness and outreach. If you are a state-run or independent organization working in heritage-related matters aiming towards sustainable development strategies and urban transformation processes in Indian cities and towns, IHCN would be keen to join hands with you. IHCN would facilitate contacts and the information flow of your expertise, knowledge and capacity amongst its members and provide you with needed support in a timely manner.

Dedicated individuals with a strong passion for their places of birth, ancestral hometowns, cities of residence and places of work, and a commitment to see these place move ahead into the future as world-class cities based on their glorious historic past, are also welcome to join IHCN. IHCN is your platform to voice your opinions and thoughts, and your means to reach your authorities.

IHCN is deeply committed to facilitating dialogue between cultures. It is keen to develop partnerships between national and international cities, regions, institutes, NGOs and individuals who believe in using cultural diversity as a tool towards sustainable development. IHCN shall facilitate the establishment of such collaborative initiatives and programmes and help in effective exchanges of good practices, expertise and knowledge sharing between its partners. So if you are an international entity keen to work in India on an activity falling within the purview of IHCN, do get in touch with us.

Benefits of Joining IHCN

• An international identity for the member in the Asia-Pacific and beyond.

• Access to the Network’s database of information and knowledge. 

• Receive timely information on funding opportunities, upcoming international conferences/training programmes/seminars, etc.

• Keep abreast of the latest innovations and trends in sustainable and balanced urban development based on cultural heritage.

• Access and learn from best practices in action.

• Receive prompt and timely technical support for undertaking heritage conservation based interventions.

• Technical expertise for applying for funding from United Nations organizations and other donor agencies and funding programmes.

• Fruitful partnerships with cities in India, Asia and Europe.


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