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How To Join

Eligibility Criteria
The Network welcomes anyone with a commitment to:


Work jointly to strengthen Indian cities and towns to cope with the rapid changes faced, through sustainable management of cultural and natural resources


Contribute in the remit of their roles and competencies, to the valourization, awareness, knowledge and respect of the living heritage of Indian cities and towns


Advance the close link between the development of Indian cities and towns and the safeguarding of their cultural and natural heritage


Raise awareness of the uniqueness and diversity of heritage in Indian cities, its tangible and intangible aspects, and of the benefits and potentials of heritage conservation


Use the resource that is the cultural and natural heritage of Indian cities and towns for the social, economic and ecological development and benefit of the people


Encourage local community participation and help to create partnerships between people, technical experts, and administration in the process of heritage-based development and conservation


Foster sustainable development of Indian cities and towns, based on the strength of their traditions, cultural identity and social networks, to meet the contemporary needs of citizens and raise awareness of their potential to develop into vibrant 21st-century centres with adequate amenities, transport systems and economies, without losing their character and historic assets


Work towards the alleviation of inner-city poverty through employment generation and financial and social empowerment of local inhabitants and neighbourhoods, while respecting the roots of the people - their culture, traditions and social networks


Adapt the existing state and municipal legal and regulatory framework to incorporate the protection of living cultural heritage by addressing issues of conservation and heritage-based sustainable urban development as vital factors in the state's and city’s overall planning process


Facilitate the establishment of an administrative unit dealing with heritage-related issues to ensure linkage with the overall administration of the city and its surrounding territory


Build the capacity of Indian cities and towns, their administration, civil society and inhabitants to protect and conserve their cultural and natural heritage


Encourage city-to-city cooperation and networking among local governments and urban stakeholders of national and international member cities for solution exchange by sharing experience and knowledge


Apply for Membership

Indian cities, international cities, institutions, NGOs and other potential members that fulfil the above eligibility criteria, may address a letter of interest to IHCN Secretariat, UNESCO New Delhi office. The letter should outline the potential member’s activities undertaken and/or ongoing in the field of heritage conservation and also their expectations from IHCN. They will subsequently be required to sign the Membership Agreement and state how they intend to work towards achieving the common goals. The Advisory Board of the Network will review the applications and decide on the membership and the kind of fees due (financial or in-kind contribution).

Termination of Membership:

Cities/organizations will join the network for an unlimited period of time and may leave it at any moment upon notifying UNESCO.


Member Cities